2012 London Olympics  
AOC Olympic Uniform launch in Sydney AOC Olympic Uniform launch in Sydney @laurenej15 This is how we do it!!! @qantasairways @laurenej15 The oldies!!! @SuzyBatkovic @laurenej15 Check out my new monster head phones made especially for the Olympics @One_management bit spunky!!! @laurenej15 @gottawearshades they are the Australian flag buddy @laurenej15 About to be inducted YAY http://pic.twitter.com/HDuZQMTm @laurenej15 Here we are, this is how we do it!!! http://pic.twitter.com/yeEZSmxm Opening Ceremony | @laurenej15 The two el capatanos ! http://pic.twitter.com/Meec3bFm Opening Ceremony | @laurenej15 Yay http://pic.twitter.com/7F1K1XCb Opening Ceremony | @laurenej15 :-) http://pic.twitter.com/u9vdcznb @laurenej15 http://pic.twitter.com/mc4sYpum @laurenej15 @Abby_Knight10 :-) best night of my life with my best friends x http://pic.twitter.com/X2FWANfO @laurenej15 Just had 2. I was with a star. http://pic.twitter.com/xHkSbDRh @laurenej15 Teamies http://pic.twitter.com/boGM4oWY @laurenej15 Loves you @SuzyBatkovic http://pic.twitter.com/W4BoPR2i @laurenej15 Mumma and me. X love love love http://pic.twitter.com/dttExQTQ @laurenej15 @mikeomike oh the fam! http://pic.twitter.com/I5MtnUHG Meeting the Royals A privilege and honour to meet Prince William and Catherine, with my parents. @laurenej15 Oh yes we should have been synchronized swimmers!!! http://pic.twitter.com/ltfx0SUZb @laurenej15 Heading home baby with the boomers woop. http://pic.twitter.com/uLPYJzhI @laurenej15 Bouncing out of London straight back to Australia..... via? http://pic.twitter.com/hSD3Qv9d @laurenej15 Aww I already miss my team mates @Laura_Hodges11 xxx http://pic.twitter.com/X0GLO9W3 @laurenej15 Tim and I hanging at Kirribilli with the PM x love http://pic.twitter.com/fo9QHqf7 @laurenej15 I love Australia http://pic.twitter.com/t57eichz Sydney Parade Receiving the keys to the city.